Can I Help?

So you’ve been to see your paediatrician, confirmed it’s eczema and/or allergies, tried what they suggested and you still feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

Even with the best intentions, the harsh reality is that doctors do not have enough time to answer all your questions in detail in one or two appointments, including ones you are bound to have once you leave their office.

This effectively means you are being drip fed the information you desperately need. And although their wide clinical experience is an invaluable piece in this puzzle, they haven’t dealt day and night with a child suffering from eczema and allergies. I have and still do, so maybe I can help.

Here are the two options:

– Register for an Eczema or Allergy workshop.

– Book a one-to-one consultation lasting 1 or 2 hours at your home (or over Skype if you are not based in the Greater Toronto Area).

Get in touch below and we can start getting your little one back to baby soft!