Review: AeroChamber Plus Flow Vu with Mask

AeroChamber Large mask

I tried the blue large adult mask but there is a smaller purple one too

Four out of 10 – that’s the score my doctor gave me for my inhaler technique. Embarrassing, but apparently I’m not alone. In fact a study found that 86% of people use their asthma puffers incorrectly.

One solution is a spacer device like the AeroChamber Plus Flow Vu with Mask.

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Balloons, Bees and Barbells

If, like most people, you think severe allergic reactions can only be caused by foods like nuts and peanuts, think again.

All the ‘priority allergen‘ foods can cause equally serious reactions but anaphylaxis can have the following non-food causes too.

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Food Allergies: The VIP List

With all the publicity around peanut allergy you could be forgiven for thinking the legume-of-choice of circus elephants everywhere (peanuts) would be the only thing that causes serious allergic reactions. Not so.

It is theoretically possible to be allergic to anything, but certain foods are responsible for over 90% of food allergies.

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The 3 A’s of Eczema & Allergy Parenting

Realise this is Eczema and not just a patch (or many) of dry, flaky skin
and/or these Allergies will change your life

Build your knowledge on what it is and what you can do about it

With the right attitude and tools, you can gain control of these conditions

I’ve been there and done it. You can too.

Find out more.

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