Goldie Hi, I’m The Eczema & Allergy Mom (XMama), although I also go by my secret identity of Goldie Putrym.

I started off as an aeronautical engineer (MEng, Imperial College) then moved into financial journalism (MA, City University) before I serendipitously found my calling – helping families to not just live with eczema and allergies, but to thrive.

In fact, what started off as a first-time mother’s worst nightmare – a chronically unwell baby – has been a blessing.

The early (read ‘blurry’) days of motherhood were so overwhelmingly filled with feeding issues, reflux and colic that I did not pay attention to all the first signs of my baby’s eczema. By three months my daughter was covered in red, angry-looking patches and at seven months old she had her first anaphylactic reaction after nibbling on a piece of bread.

Needless to say, I put my obsessive thirst for knowledge into high gear and set to work becoming an expert in parenting an atopic baby.

Through reading books, articles, blogs and medical journals, and talking to pediatricians, dermatologists, the Eczema Society of Canada and countless other parents, I came to realise there is a deluge of information out there. Although some of it is good, some is downright rubbish, and a lot of it conflicts. So I put my problem-solving engineering hat on and got methodical.

My toddler is still allergic to five of the top ten allergens, as well as poultry (which is incredibly rare), and although she started of with severe chronic eczema, I’ve got her eczema under such good control that even doctors can’t tell.

I’ve worked with the European Space Agency and reported live on the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, but nothing beats the satisfaction I’ve had from helping countless families deal with their child’s eczema and allergies, and getting those babies – and parents – some relief.

But the best thing to come out of all my research is that I have been able to empower my baby with the tools to deal with her allergies and eczema and not feel victimised or afraid, and hopefully that attitude will help her through all aspects of her life.

I’d love to help you too. Just get in touch.

Goldie – The Eczema & Allergy Mom

Acceptance – Awareness – Action