2017 Year in Review & What’s To Come In 2018

snowmanAs the first full year of running The Eczema & Allergy Mom comes to a close and we all get into the festive spirit, I’ve been reflecting on all has happened in 2017 and all the exciting things to come in 2018.

This year was an eventful one. I trained parent groups and schools on allergies, and got some very real-life training myself as my daughter had her most serious reaction to date.

I was also lucky enough to also learn more on the science of allergies and eczema from some of the best doctors in the field at the Royal Society of Medicine and meet with a few fantastic PhD supervisors. My baby finally passed an Oral Food Challenge and it looks like she is starting to outgrow her dairy allergy! One down, five to go…

Meanwhile, the Eczema Society of Canada and the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance got in touch after hearing about my efforts and I look forward to working with both organisations in the new year.

The personal front had its ups and downs as expected. I injured both my hands and tore the cartilage in my hip, but managed to learn a great deal about preventing and recovering from injuries from some fantastic doctors and physiotherapists, as well as from completing yoga teacher training.

As you know, I love teaching others what I have learned and 2018 should see lots of new blog posts including:
– Eczema care, prevention, and new research including a new category of medications called biologics
– Allergies and the law
– Asthma
– Health and wellbeing including injuries like De Quervains tenosynovitis and cartilage tears, both large and small
– Reviews of books, products, foods, apps and more
– Recipes
– Much much more…

I am also planning to run a workshop series on eczema where we will work through the different aspects of eczema care, one at a time, to really get control over your eczema. And of course we’ll have more allergy workshops, including some cooking classes! It’s going to be a fun year.

This year proved that my little project – The Eczema and Allergy Mom – can work. I’d love to keep it going and ideally give up my ‘day job’ to work on it full time but will need your help.

If you think the website and free allergy talks for parents are useful, please consider supporting the site either through the Patreon page where you can pledge a small amount, even $1, every month or a one-off donation through PayPal (yes, the website is secure through SSL)

Or you can click on the affiliate links on the site and if you end up making a purchase, Amazon will send a few cents this way without charging you anything extra. It’s win-win really.

Have a think about it.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season and a sparklingly wonderful start to the new year!

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