Mail Theft: What To Do

I recently had my mailbox broken into and my mail stolen while I was abroad.

Having done lots of research on who to call and what to say, I thought I’d compile a list for anyone else who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation. Continue reading

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Latex-Free Alternatives

After we discovered my toddler’s latex allergy (in a very catastrophic manner…), our once safe, child-proofed, food-allergy-friendly home became a danger zone again.

The problem with latex is that it is a natural material (straight from the rubber tree) that is used in a plethora of products in every imaginable field. And although some people do have contact reactions to natural rubber latex, not many people have anaphylactic reactions from exposure anymore, especially not healthy children. This means that latex is not labelled as clearly as it should be, making EVERYTHING a potential hazard.

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Can Your Eczema Cream Kill You? Maybe…

Creams with OatmealLike most kids her age, my toddler hates having cream put on her several times a day. I have a policy of ‘abate and placate’ so I offer a few creams and oils of different consistencies and types of packaging to try and get her cooperation. If that doesn’t work, well, I have to slather it on anyway, working as fast as I can, and then offer her a reward.

So when I received a set of Aveeno Eczema Care products at a recent eczema event, I added it to the carousel.

Having used it along with many, many other creams in the past however, I was skeptical that Baby would take to it. Boy was I surprised when, not only did she allow me to put some on her, but she started squeezing the tube and slathering it on herself!

But the good news ends right there. Within 10 minutes, Baby started scratching like her skin was on fire and sure enough, she was covered in hives.

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Review: Understanding Childhood Eczema

I’ve read a fair number of books on eczema and Understanding Childhood Eczema by Penny Titman is one of my favourites for parents of children with severe eczema. In fact, I liked it so much I’ve read it twice.

It is scientific enough to give caregivers a decent understanding of the disease in easy to understand accessible language without being condescending.

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